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Alacrity Academy

How we got started


Alacrity Academy is a partner of Alacrity Canada, a non-for-profit tech incubator that has brought in over $379.6 million of investment into BC, assisted in $75 million of local acquisitions, and exits that generated 164+ million revenue into B.C. companies. As an incubator that worked closely with startups journeying to scale, Alacrity Canada realized other businesses would benefit from the lessons their portfolio of companies were learning when it came to Digital Marketing. This is how the Alacrity Academy was born.

Million In Investments

Million In Aquisitions

Million In Exits

Our Purpose and Values


The Alacrity Academy exists to empower individuals and communities. Our educational content supports students’ diverse needs, ultimately fostering economic resilience, and independence in the face of market shifts, barriers, and challenges. As a team, we value…. 


Highly engaged self-starters who take initiative and accomplish what they set out to do. 


The collective energy of our team, working together across boundaries to support one another to be the best at what we do.


Independent thinkers and community contributors, willing to learn from each other while embracing the unknown that comes with continuous growth. 


Having fun through work, recognizing that levity, and embracing playfulness are key to creating a fulfilling and rewarding work environment.


Prioritizing and focusing on impactful work for our communities, achieving progress by operating like the nimble, perceptive, and diligent businesses we support.


Crossing cultural boundaries to celebrate our unique experiences and perspectives. We unite around mutual respect, care, and recognition in everything we do.

In a continued effort to grow and learn as an organization, team, and as individuals, the Alacrity Academy participates in regular DEI training and consults with experts to ensure that our educational content is accessible and inclusive. 

Our Team

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Mike Williams


Mike is the Program Director of Alacrity Academy, which now runs province-wide in partnership with the BC government to help hundreds of individuals and small businesses, particularly those impacted by COVID-19.

Mike is also the CEO and Co-founder of the digital marketing agency Jetstream which helps companies grow through scalable digital marketing strategies and initiatives and help develop up-and-coming leaders in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Mike has experience in all facets of Digital Marketing, including search marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. He focuses on developing strategies for performance-driven digital marketing that drives results and grows companies.

Prior to Jetstream and Alacrity Canada, Mike has worked in Digital Marketing for the past 18 years. During that time he has co-founded several companies.

Mike Williams

Digital Marketing Program Director

Michael Daykin

Digital Marketing Coach

Michael began programming in the mid-nineties when the internet as we know it was in its infancy. Over the years he has been involved in a variety of industries, including, finance, education, aviation, healthcare, and various non-profits, developing and deploying many internet-based solutions.

Holding both an undergraduate and graduate degree in the humanities, Michael has the ability to communicate to a broad audience. Much of his career has been spent bridging the gap between technical and non-technical audiences. This ability moved him from development into sales, high-level customer support and strategic planning.

After many years in the Vancouver tech scene, Michael and his family moved to northern BC in 2017 to pursue other opportunities. When forced to pivot in early 2020, he re-focused his technical skills and ability to relate to people, into helping small businesses adapt to the rapidly evolving need to be online. It was during this time he completed the Alacrity Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

Since completing the Bootcamp, Michael has been involved with Alacrity in some capacity. He has rebuilt the registration process and been a part of helping our systems grow. He also has contributed course content and continues to help the Academy grow. He also supports Alacrity as part of the team delivering the Canadian Digital Adoption Program..

Michael is also a part-time faculty member at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George and Royal Roads University in Victoria. He is driven to equip people to take the next step towards success, be it in the classroom, in their business or life..

Michael Daykin

Digital Marketing Coach

Kalyn Adams

Digital Marketing Advisor - Alacrity Digital Marketing Bootcamp

As an Advisor and Facilitator for our Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Kalyn engages students through our learning platform, thinkific, and hosts Q&A webinars.

Kalyn has a BS in Sociology and a BA in Humanities. She mastered the art of strategic Digital Marketing through her own experience as a small business entrepreneur. This led her to support small businesses as their Digital Marketing consultant, and the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology as their advisor on an ongoing basis.

For our Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Kalyn passes on her 7 years of experience by facilitating three areas of study: Email Marketing, Pinterest, and Google Analytics.

Kalyn has been motivated by the success rate of the Bootcamp, and seeing those struggling to turning their businesses on their heads, especially during the pandemic.

Kalyn Adams

Digital Marketing Advisor

Danielle Anslow

Student Success Coordinator

As a Student Success Coordinator, Dani utilizes her 20+ years of customer service experience, data entry, and knowledge of customer relationship management tools to ensure students are sufficiently onboarded and supported throughout their Bootcamp experience.

Having transitioned through several careers due to an injury and family needs, Dani is a source for students who are navigating change. Her varied background is shown through her versatile education. She holds a Hair Design ABC Cutting Certification from Vidal Sassoon Academy, a Hair Design and Pivot Point Certification, and is also a graduate of the Alacrity Academy Digital Bootcamp. Most recently, Dani completed her Diploma in Paraeducation, graduating with Honors, at Ashworth College.

Customer service has always been an integral part of Dani’s career, starting her work with people in her first job at her family’s coffee shop, Shaw ‘N’ Finnegans. She then moved into tech, working in multiple departments within CompuSmart (previously Tesseract) and for a software solutions company before transitioning into hair design, becoming an Educator for the Kerastase and Kevin Murphy product lines.

After a forearm injury prevented her from being able to perform behind the chair, Dani pivoted back into tech, with the pandemic sending her on yet another adventure. Through homeschooling her step children, one of whom required further assistance, she took to her studies again, this time focusing on Paraeducation.

Dani cut her teeth at Alacrity Canada as the Application Coordinator for the Launch Online Program. She applied her skillset to support 5,669 funded businesses to get online and amplify their sales. Her success drew the attention of the Alacrity Academy team. As the Academy’s Student Success Coordinator, Dani is excited to assist people and businesses in receiving access to resources that prepare them for the digital marketplace.

Dani actively uses her digital knowledge in her own entrepreneurial endeavour, a podcast that’s launching soon!

Dani Anslow

Student Success Coordinator

Justyn Maglalang

Program Manager

Justyn is a Project Manager at Alacrity and Project Lead within the organization. Most recently, he oversaw the Launch Online Grant program, where he managed relationships between the B.C Government, program partners, and Operations.

Impressed by the culture and potential opportunities within the organization, Justyn jumped at the chance to join Alacrity Canada. Justyn has over 12 years experience managing various types of projects. Prior to joining the team, Justyn spent over 5 years in the performance marketing industry where he led and coached teams in Operations, Sales, and Media Buying. After discovering his “zone of genius” within data & operations, Justyn started his own operations consulting business where he uses data and automations as his superpower. His technical skill set includes: MySQL, APIs, Salesforce, Data Analytics, and more.

Justyn is an analytical leader who enjoys harnessing the power of data in order to drive better operational decision making. He builds strong relationships both internally and externally in order to ensure projects run smoothly and that they meet their deadlines.

Justyn Maglalang

Program Manager

Golriz Fattahi

VP of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Golriz works with internal and external stakeholders to support access to funding for programming and education. She also acts as our head recruiter, and is our culture enthusiast, providing a safe space for collaborative efforts.

Golriz holds a BA from Simon Fraser University and is a seasoned Operations Manager with over 15 years of experience in Retail, Recruitment, Research, Non for Profit, Fundraising, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship. Her areas of expertise are People Management (HR), Recruitment, Government Relations and Grant Writing. Something Alacrity Canada does a lot of in order to fund our Programs and Initiatives. Before Alacrity, Golriz worked in research within the recruitment industry as a Project Manager. Prior to that, she worked as a junior estimator in a construction company as well as a store manager for Starbucks – where she first realized how good her people skills were.

Golriz is a dedicated project manager, delivering exceptional programs through various Alacrity initiatives, including the launch and expansion of the Entreprenurship@Alacrity program in 2009. Currently, Golriz works with the Digital Marketing Bootcamp team and the BC Cleantech Initiative group on a number of program offerings, including the delivery of the Recycled Plastics Manufacturing Stimulus Fund. Golriz is also in charge of reporting to the government and funding partners for the above mentioned programs.

She is actively involved in building and growing the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion principals at Alacrity, bringing that focus to all portfolio companies, and is a member of Canadian Accelerator Incubator Network.

Golriz Fattahi

VP of Operations