Current Bootcamps

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Self Directed Bootcamp

Self Directed Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Alacrity Academy understands the importance of professional development made convenient.

Utilizing our networks and over 20 years of marketing experience, we work with experts to share the latest insights and best practices in today’s digital marketplace.

Online, self-paced, and encompassing over 40 key concepts. Available in an immersive, bite-sized, online interactive format, this course allows you to study 100% online, and on your own schedule. 

ECOMsquare eCommerce Bootcamp

ECOMsquare eCommerce Bootcamp

A Top-to-Bottom eCommerce Bootcamp in parternship with JIBE eCommerce, the agency responsible for transforming brands such as Arc’teryx and Organika into thriving eCommerce businesses.

You will build on your existing knowledge and gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals, ecosystem, systems, and competencies required in operating a successful eCommerce store.

Learn to leverage repeatable strategies, processes, and channels, to drive scalable and compounding growth.


Social Media Buying The Complete Guide

Social Media Buying – The Complete Guide

This ‘algorithm agnostic’ system, in partnership with Pilothouse Digital, will rip the doors off what you thought you knew about Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Uniting the distilled knowledge and wisdom from over 120 Facebook and Instagram advertising experts, you will learn to leverage tried and true systems to drive greater results, with less.

This program works because it’s based on timeless marketing principles and leans on the inner mechanisms that drive success at Pilothouse. Learn to scale with confidence with Social Media Buying – The Complete Guide.