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Mike Williams


Mike is the Program Director of Alacrity Academy, which now runs province-wide in partnership with the BC government to help hundreds of individuals and small businesses, particularly those impacted by COVID-19.

Mike is also the CEO and Co-founder of the digital marketing agency Jetstream which helps companies grow through scalable digital marketing strategies and initiatives and help develop up-and-coming leaders in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Mike has experience in all facets of Digital Marketing, including search marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. He focuses on developing strategies for performance-driven digital marketing that drives results and grows companies.

Prior to Jetstream and Alacrity Canada, Mike has worked in Digital Marketing for the past 18 years. During that time he has co-founded several companies.

Kalyn Adams

Digital Marketing Advisor – Alacrity Digital Marketing Bootcamp

As an Advisor and Facilitator for our Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Kalyn engages students through our learning platform, thinkific, and hosts Q&A webinars.

Kalyn has a BS in Sociology and a BA in Humanities. She mastered the art of strategic Digital Marketing through her own experience as a small business entrepreneur. This led her to support small businesses as their Digital Marketing consultant, and the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology as their advisor on an ongoing basis.

For our Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Kalyn passes on her 7 years of experience by facilitating three areas of study: Email Marketing, Pinterest, and Google Analytics.

Kalyn has been motivated by the success rate of the Bootcamp, and seeing those struggling to turning their businesses on their heads, especially during the pandemic.